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Following the announcement from the Government and to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 to protect our staff, GMT Electrical Services will now be temporarily closed until further notice. We understand the impact that this will have on our customers, for which we sincerely apologise but our priority at this stage is to protect our staff which is paramount and to show our support to the NHS and volunteers who are doing their best to protect our Nation during this unprecedented time.

We will re-open as soon as it is safe to do so. Should have an emergency please contact us on 0208 6830464 and we will do our best to assist.

So for the greater good we at GMT Electrical shall adhere to the government’s advice, our staff will. We at GMT thank you for your support and understanding.

Kind Regards
Director at GMT Electrical Services Ltd

GMT Electrical Services

GMT Electrical Services was established in 1985 with three partners; they had worked for one of the industries most experienced companies and decided they would aim to create the same for themselves. GMT has seen the changes in the industry and has always been adaptable in expanding our knowledge and understanding and has gained expansive knowledge and experience in motor rewind, a wide range of pumps repairs and installation, electrical motor repairs 1phase and 3phase, kitchen extractors, air conditioning, motor gear box repairs and installation and a wide range of fan repairs and installations.


Motor Rewind

GMT Services have been rewinding electrical motors for over 30 Years; our Director has had a wealth
of experience in rewinding for over 40 years, we still machine wind our stators and armatures
making sure that all our windings are checked at each stage, it’s this which makes our service second
to none. Our Director started this way of winding as a trainee and felt passing this on to his team of
winders made sure this quality service is not lost.
Ranging from single phase motors, three phase motors and armature winding, contact us to see
whether we can help.

Pump Repairs and Installations

With a number of pumps on the market we’ve been around long enough to see the changes and
have been versatile in adapting to these changes from your sump pump, pool pump to multi stage
pumps. We provide complete overhaul to these wide range, we can also supply and fit new range as
manufactures are always looking to make their pumps more energy efficient.

Electrical Motor Repair 1 and 3 Phase

Electrical motors play a large part in services in all business whether for a carpenter’s workshop,
executive office, hospital operating theatre. An electrical motor is never noticed until it stops
working so for this reason we supply a range of New and Second hand motors which have been done
to that of a manufactures standard. Our aim is to always be able to have a quick turnaround in
keeping your business, staff and clients happy.

Kitchen Extractors

With a wide range of experience working on behalf of a number of restaurants, we know how the
heat can affect your business so be at ease knowing that we have one of the quickest turn arounds
in repairing your much needed extractor fans for your kitchen. We can supply and fit a new extractor
fan if you also prefer, pop in to our workshop to see what we can provide.

Fan Repair and Installation

We provide urgent services to a large number of clients who depend on our 24hr service to be on
their electrical fans, these ranges from; scroll fans, toilet extractors, boiler and so on. We pride
ourselves in the range of knowledge and experience we have, to be able to provide a quality range
of service for or customers.

Mechanical Gear Box Repair

With a wealth of experience in repair services and supply of mechanical gearboxes, whether AC or DC we provide a 24hr service like no other. So whether you are a laundrette and need your conveyor to have no hold ups or a lift with a faulty transformer/brake/gearbox faulty give us a call to see whether we can get the job done.


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Wherever you need us to be we aim to please.

Our company is based in South London so we have quick and easy access to get to our clients within London; we also provide service to all corners of England and Wales.

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